WINE O'CLOCK: Personal Wine

We've all been there.  Standing in the wine section of Trader Joe's, admiring all of the bottles but feeling as if there is some element missing.  We have the answer to all of your wine gifting problems...whether that be gifting to a loved one, or to yourself (10/10 recommend).  Two words: Personal Wine.  Personal Wine is a custom wine bottle company that takes your favorite wines and creates a custom label to replace the generic label.  You can customize them with different sayings for different occasions, use different fonts, and even add pictures.  We recently received a load of HAH logo wines and let us HAHtties tell you, there is not much that feels more bad ass than pouring a drink from a bottle with your logo on it.  If you don't see your favorite wine on the website do NOT worry; sets of custom labels are available for purchase, as well as other cute accessories.  So next time you have an event to go to, someone is having birthday, or you just feel like drinking from a bottle with your own damn name on it, trust Personal Wine to take care of all your customization needs!

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