HAH was born out of a desire for a simplistic MORE – more sensibility, more sustainability, and more attainability in the designer market. A movement, a lifestyle, and a brand, Hot-As-Hell is raising the bar in elevated apparel. With versatile collections of swimwear and beach lifestyle apparel, HAH clothing fills a niche of timeless, wearable, ethical and accessible fashion.
HAH is proud to work with vendors who are pioneers in their industries, socially and ecologically conscious, and experts in their respective fields. All of that and more can be said of Jacalyn E. S. Bennett and Company, HAH’s manufacturer of lingerie and apparel. During her thirty years in the business, Jacalyn Bennett has been praised as one of the best lingerie designers in the world, known for perfect fit, quality, and construction.
We think it’s Hot-As-Hell to be conscientious. That’s why HAH is committed to minimizing waste, through our smarter usage of resources and raw materials. We like to think long-term and always do things with a purpose. Ever conscious of the environment and the products we make, we work hard (and smart) to ensure that our legacy is something we can be proud of. In keeping with the HAH ideal of eco-friendly design, we’ve launched a number of sustainable initiatives – because it’s not enough to just talk the talk anymore, you also need to be able to walk the walk…
We think it’s Hot-As-Hell to be easy going. That’s why all of our pieces are “easy wear, easy care…”