STUFF WE LOVE: Purely Elizabeth

Here at HAH HQ, we know all about those mid-day munchies.  It is SO easy to pull up Uber Eats and have a bucket of fries delivered to the front door in minutes.  However, you could assume since we are into making beautiful clothing, we're also into eating beautiful food.  Not to say fries aren't beautiful, they're just not always beautiful for our bodies.  That's why we love reaching for our favorite Purely Elizabeth treats.  From bars, to granola, to oatmeal and more, Purely Elizabeth has got you covered next time you need something that will hit the spot, as well as be good for your body and keep you pushing through your day.  Not to mention, they are also a B Corp, which means they have to meet a very high level of standards with everything they do.  Being good to your body and the that's what we're talking about. Thank you, Purely Elizabeth, for letting us try some of your amazing products! 
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