INSIDER: Sri Lanka

Recently, the travel guide company Lonely Planet named Sri Lanka the number one country to travel to in 2019.  Being where our swimwear manufacturers are located, as well as the scene of one of our HAHttest campaigns to date, we can't help but support that statement.  A short video explains why Sri Lanka was voted the best country to travel to in 2019, and it made us nostalgic looking back on our recent trip.  
Sri Lanka is a beautiful place full of beautiful people, culture, landscape, and ethics.  Which is why we love our swimwear manufacturer, Linea Aqua.  Linea Aqua aligns with all of our values, which can be difficult to find, especially in developing countries. They care about and are active in promoting social and environmental  sustainability all over Sri Lanka.  They support women's empowerment in ways that go beyond the woman making the product, but in ways that support her children and other family members as well.  Linea Aqua has been recognized and awarded for their excellent treatment of employees, as well as ample opportunities for all people.  While all of this may seem like an overwhelming amount of good, they top it all off with continuing to expand their solar panel usage with no plans of stopping.  We want to leave an impression, but not a negative footprint, so we couldn't imagine working with a manufacturer that did not feel the same.

The beauty of Sri Lanka is overwhelming.  From the tea fields, to the train, to the people walking the streets, us HAHties couldn't feel more grateful than to get to experience this humbling country.  We hope by now that you are already planning your Sri Lankan adventure...and that you plan to bring us with you!
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