WHAHt's Written In Your Stars: Leo

Ruled by the fierce and fiery lion, Leo season always arrives with a roar. The fifth sign of the zodiac and the regal drama queen of the horoscope, Leo energy inspires us to express ourselves boldly and give ourselves permission to shine. Passionate, optimistic, and warm-hearted, Leos are entertainers at heart, with a knack for storytelling and an enthusiastic joie de vivre that is undeniably fun to be around. Leo is the second fire sign of the zodiac, and their intensity can turn a flame into a roaring fire. They are natural born leaders who lead from the heart with courage and generosity, fiercely loyal and protective of their loved ones and passion projects.
Leo’s symbol is the proud and big-hearted lion, and this charismatic and action-oriented sign thrives as the center of attention, with the strength, optimism, and determination to take down any obstacle that comes their way. Their natural magnetism, endless generosity, and desire for adventure make them the ultimate friend, always ready to hype you up or put a crazy plan into action using their intuitive problem solving skills. Cheerful, reliable, and blessed with endless energy, they tend to revitalize and bring out the best in those around them.
Leo babes are all about self-expression, and they have the passion and creativity to back it up. Independent and curious, they lean into their individuality and seek out uniqueness – they’re always trying to stand out from the crowd, which makes them a natural arbiter of style and taste. They constantly dress to impress, and appreciate looks that allow them to customize and change up their style.

Fierce Lions can often get swept up in personal drama and whirlwind love affairs, and this domineering fire sign craves personal attention inside the bedroom and out. They love to be in love and wear their big hearts on their sleeve. The intensity of their burning affection may be overbearing for some, but when they find a partner who is on their level and can appreciate their sensitive side, they are rewarded with devotion, affection, and generosity. Ruled by the sun, Leo babes bring warmth and light into the lives of those who surround them. Pull out all the stops to woo these Lionesses – they live for drama and thrive off attention, and they deserve to be treated like the queens that they are.


HAHppy birthday Leo – thanks for being a purrrfect example of living life to the fullest!

Written by Alison Green

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