Happy 3 Years To Us ❤️🔥❤️#startsomewhere Pt. 1

HAHppy birthday to us! This month, We Are HAH turns three years old. We know what they say about the terrible two’s, but we’re just getting better and better with age. It’s a big birthday for our small but mighty brand, and as it approaches we’re in our feelings reflecting on why we started, celebrating what we’ve accomplished, and getting all #HAHT and bothered thinking about where the future will take us. HAH was born three years ago out of the deeply rooted desire to disrupt the detrimental cycle of waste in fashion and leave a legHAHcy of sustainability and self-love for the generations to come. Our goal from day one has been to show the world it’s Hot as Hell to embrace your natural beauty and be your most authentic self – that’s why we make swimwear and lingerie that’s easy to wear and easy to care for, that ultimately makes you feel good about yourself while also being easy on the environment. We want to prove to the fashion industry (and the world beyond it) that you don’t have to sacrifice style or sexiness to create sustainable and eco-conscious products. We’re all about empowering women of all ages and life stages while also respecting and protecting Mother Earth. It’s cool to be conscientious, and that’s why everything we make embodies the idea of sexy with a soul. We’re not perfect, but we know cHAHnge always starts with baby steps, and we make efforts every day, in every way we can, to #startsomewhere towards a better, brighter, and greener future. That’s Hot as Hell, and that’s what we’re celebrating this year!
Since the start, swimwear has always been at the heart of HAH. Creating sustainable swimwear that is universally flattering and eco-conscious in both product and process has been in our DNA since day one. We’re constantly looking for ways to minimize waste, streamline sustainability, and make the process of creating our swimwear as eco-friendly as possible, from design to production to the moment your HAH goodies are delivered to your doorstep. We’re rebels with a cause, fighting the good fight against fashion’s dirty little secrets. We think long term and lean into innovation – we’ve launched a number of sustainable initiatives over the past three years, and as we grow, we’re always looking for ways to give back and do more.
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All our swimwear is (and always has been) made using our signature sustainable EFL fabric. EFL stands for Extended Fabric Life, and it earns its name due to its superior durability and resistance to chlorine, as well as the fact that it’s made from biodegradable corn sugar (quality you can taste!). Using EFL fabric reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 51% and consumes 25% less energy than using traditional textiles - when it comes to protecting the environment, every little bit counts. We also make sure to utilize innovative and eco-friendly digital printing techniques to bring your favorite HAH prints to life, using 95% less water than traditional screen printing and reducing the use of harmful toxic dyes. After three years of witnessing how much plastic and packaging is wasted in the fashion industry, we are beyond excited announce we will be shipping all our swimwear in green poly bags that are 100% biodegradable and made of recycled materials. They’re also reusable and waterproof, so you can enjoy them as much as we do.
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We’re proud of the steps we’ve taken towards sustainability and the pioneering voice we’ve had in the industry, but there’s always more we can do. That’s why, this year, we decided to go around the world to go back to our roots, choosing to celebrate our third birthday and premiere our new swim collection in Sri Lanka, where our eco-friendly swimwear is manufactured, instead of at Miami Swim Week. Miami Swim Week was where the world was introduced to HAH three years ago, and since then, we’ve used our annual catwalk not only as a platform for cHAHnge, but also as an inclusive and diverse celebration of womanhood, at all ages and stages of life. HAH celebrates all the curves of your body and your life, and our catwalks have always been an electrifying and empowering embodiment of that. It makes our decision to opt out of Swim Week all the more bittersweet, but as we get older and wiser we’re prioritizing our higher purpose and refocusing on the reason HAH was born three years ago: to make stylish and sexy swimwear that’s as easy on the environment as possible.
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This labor of love has taken us around the world in search of pioneers in the sustainable fashion field, cutting edge technology, and innovative green manufacturing processes. We visited the factories in Sri Lanka the make it all HAHppen and saw first hand how the innovative technologies being developed in this country could clean up the fashion industry and the world at large. We debuted our SS19 swim collection at Colombo Fashion Week, which is focused on sustainability and sensitivity towards the earth’s needs, and took full advantage of the lush greenery and breathtaking natural beauty of the region, shooting a nature-inspired campaign that illustrates the importance of getting back in touch with your roots. We left feeling refreshed and inspired, confident in who we are and what we’re doing, with full hearts and plenty of new ways to expand our own green processes and products. We’ll never forget where we came from, and Miami Swim Week will always HAHve a special place in our hearts (the FOMO is real), but big and beautiful things are on the horizon for us as we enter into our third year, and we’re so excited to share them with all you HAHTIES out there. There’s a lot to celebrate this year. Stay tuned…




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