One HAHT Summer 🔥 Meet our Summer Intern, Jessica

Hi HAHtties!  Jessica here…if you’ve been reading the blog lately, thanks for letting me ramble about everything we here at HAH love!  I am here in Los Angeles for the summer at HAH HQ, which is cooler than you guys could ever imagine btw (think pictures of Frank Sinatra sitting in this same space and neon signs), for a summer internship. Unfortunately, tomorrow I have to go back to THE Ohio State University, where I am a senior in the Fashion and Retail studies program.  Born and (pretty much) raised in Columbus, Ohio, fashion has always been something I loved.  When I was about four years old, I came down from my room wearing my mother’s heels, a denim mini skirt, no shirt, and her new Chanel sunglasses.  When my father asked me what exactly I was doing, I looked him dead in the eyes and said, “this is how the girls in California dress”. Don’t worry, I haven’t been dressing exactly like that while in LA, but I do wear my Comin’ In Haht bodysuit a lot, which makes me feel that damn fearless.  Part of the reason why I love wearing HAH is because it makes me feel like I can do anything.  Some of the colors HAH produces are colors I would have never imagined myself in.  I am that girl who is constantly wearing black, no matter the activity.  I mean, I could be going to a ‘happy spring’ party and I would probably be wearing black.  However, when you pick up a HAH item and actual feel it in your hands, this feeling just comes over you that you are holding something seriously magnificent.  HAH gives me the confidence to wear the color I thought I couldn't pull off, the dress I thought I wouldn’t look good in, the bodysuit I thought wouldn’t fit my torso, and everything in between.  HAH makes me realize that lingerie is something that we as women get to wear and should be proud of.  A bra is no longer an item I have to wear to keep everything in place, but it’s turned into the Bralittle that is an essential part of my outfit. I love wearing the colors and the styles that make people on the street stop and turn their heads…in the best way possible.  HAH gives me all of those opportunities, and allllll the feels.  If you want to feel like a bad ass woman, one that is truly Hot As Hell, slip on a Wrap Star dress and take a walk around the block; I guarantee you’ll get a few compliments (and maybe even a few dates).  Check out some of my favorite looks!


hot as hell wrap star

hot as hell wrap star

hot as hell wrap star


hot as jell trickini bikini top haht seat bottom bikini bottom

hot as hell trickini top flock together haht seat bottom flock together


hot as hell rebecchah bodysuit

Check out how I style my HAH in real time!




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