HAH cares about our footprint – both environmental and social. That’s why it’s important for us to work with manufacturers who share our ethos of creating with a conscience. We found that in Linea Aqua, our swimwear manufacturer in Sri Lanka. This world-renowned factory has exceptional standards when it comes to the treatment of people and the environment. And while other brands might keep an asset like this under wraps, we actually want the world to know about our secret weapon. You see, we’re looking at the big picture, and their focus on lean manufacturing, investment in innovative, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, as well as their support of the people who work there, benefits all.

Deep rooted in Linea Aqua’s culture is a responsibility towards the community and ecosystem that it inhabits. They actively pursue environmental and social sustainability through a multitude of efforts all over Sri Lanka. One such project is their work with Marapola Maha Vidyalaya, a school right next to one of their factories. Linea Aqua provided the school with excess treated water from their plant, transforming waste into a usable resource for organic gardening at the school. Meanwhile, they also installed a tube well to bring clean and safe drinking water to these local students. This is but one of many examples of Linea Aqua’s resourceful integration of environmental and social programs for the betterment of their society as a whole. They truly care about their eco-system, and about the people in their community.

Here are some examples of the many reasons why Linea Aqua is Hot-As-Hell:

💚 In 2014, they were recognized by the Association of Human Resource professionals for industry best practices in Human Resource Management.

💚 In 2015, they won an award for achieving business excellence by surpassing standards in: equal opportunity employment, employer-employee relations, work arrangement practices, and work environment.

💚 As of 2003, they have championed women’s empowerment through their ‘Women Go Beyond’ Program, which provides women with the skills and knowledge needed for gaining economic independence through career advancement.

💚 They are extremely supportive of the pregnant women that work for them – hosting monthly maternal clinics in-house and providing them with healthy snacks on a daily basis.

💚 They also care about the families of their employees – awarding scholarships to children of employees aged 10 through university.

💚 They began generating solar power in 2014, and continue to expand their number of solar panels in order to support greener energy consumption and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

💚 They collaborate with local schools and universities to educate the general population on ecological issues and the importance of environmental sustainability.

💚 And the list goes ON!

And while all of that is important, it would mean nothing if they couldn’t deliver a quality product. Linea Aqua is regarded as one of the finest swimwear facilities in the world. Not only are they an industry leader in manufacturing, but also in fabric research and product engineering. We’ve been asked why we manufacture in Sri Lanka, and the answer is simple: HAH wants to work with experts who are building conscientious businesses, not only to support the proliferation of that expertise, but also to support the economy, the people, the environment & ultimately the consumer. The result is a quality product we can stand behind, through our partnership with a manufacturer we’re proud to work with – and that’s what makes our swimwear Hot-As-Hell.