What's HAHt on Campus...Meet our Sorority Ambassador Sammi

As you may or may not know, HAH has added some sorority ambassadors to our team of HAHtties!  Our goal is to be able to connect with women of all ages, and make all ages feel empowered.  Your early 20's are a time of exploration and finding your place in the world, and we want to make sure that all those babes out there figuring their sh*t out are feeling confident and sexy along the way.  Our sorority ambassadors are young women from all over the U.S. who hold their heads high and their standards higher.  Their voices are powerful, they are fun-loving, and most importantly, they support each other.  With further ado, meet our first sorority HAHttie, Sammi!  We asked Sammi a few questions to describe herself to everyone...

hah hot as hell bikini beach palm trees diy top bikini bottom indiana university

Who Are You & Where are you from?
Sammi Roth and Boca Raton, FL  (so we know this girl is HAHt)
What school do you go to and what sorority are you in?
I'll be a junior at Indiana University! I am a member of Phi Beta Phi.  I didn’t even know what Pi Phi was before recruitment, during recruitment I fell in love and decided to perf it. Now I have an amazing group of ~ sisters ~ who I know will support me through anything.
How did you find HAH?
I found HAH while scrolling through various Instagram accounts to find cute clothes to visit my boyfriend in Italy (he was studying in Florence at the time) and I stumbled upon HAH’s page. I followed HAH because I’m obsessed with cute clothes and sustainability then one thing lead to another!
What does HAH mean to you/how does wearing HAH make you feel?
HAH gives me an opportunity to follow something I strongly believe in (sustainability), while allowing me to still be passionate about fashion. When I wear HAH I feel confident. the clothes make you feel powerful and sexy but good because they are made in healthy working environment. I also love that they are machine washable!
mags about you hot as hell dress girl
TOP PIC: Sammi wears the DIY Top in Coppertone and the Cheekini Bottom in Coppertone.
BOTTOM PIC: Sammi wears the Mags About U Dress in Noir.  

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