HAHttest Place On Earth...My Journey With HAH

Hello, it's me.  Jessica the intern, but this time live from THE Ohio State University.  I have been back from Los Angeles and away from my HAHtties for about a month now, and it has been bittersweet to say the least. Though I still communicate with my ladies back at HAH HQ, I can't help but reminisce on my HAHmazing experience with, truly, one of the most amazing companies on earth.  I found HAH years ago over Instagram while creeping on some of Rocky Barnes' outfits, which isn't hard to do if you've ever peeped at her page.  After a couple years of following HAH diligently on Instagram, I saw their posts looking for sorority ambassadors.  I, obviously, jumped at the chance to get involved with such an inspiring, sexy company.  Well, one thing led to another and BAM I found myself en route to Los Angeles for a summer internship!  Being a Fashion and Retail Studies major, this opportunity was everything I could have asked for and more.  It took me a little bit over three days to get from Ohio to LA, but during that time I saw the most beautiful parts of the country that I had never seen before, and I knew that the journey of a life time was only beginning.
Being at HAH was more amazing than imaginable.  HQ is an amazing space that promotes creativity, happiness, confidence, the appreciation of nature and all of its beings.  Every day we worked with the windows open, looking out from the hills down to the city below.  Not to mention that working at HAH HQ seriously aided me in being able to learn all of the words to The Carters album (huge plus and necessary life skill).  
Every day I had the chance to experience so many things first hand that, until then, were just things I had learned in classes.  I watched Rebecca, our bad ass designer, create mood boards and make sketches come to life.  I watched Maggie, the sweetest supervisor on the planet, deal with all your customer service wants and needs, as well as design all the eye-catching emails that show you just how bad you need that DIY Top.  Most importantly, I watched our fearless leader, Sharleen, meet with countless amounts of people, all in the name of bringing people with an interest in sustainability together to make the fashion world a better place.
The experiences I had with HAH were invaluable.  I met inspiring people who aim to do amazing things.  The people I met work hard every single day to make the Earth a better place, and I cannot wait to keep watching the magic that the HAHtties strive for every single day.  I will forever be grateful for the chance to gain such wonderful role models.  Don't make me cry (again).  
Before you close out this tab, please enjoy a picture of me in Rocky Barnes' Instagram story.  No need to tell her how much a fan girl I am, she already knows.  

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