WHAHt's Written In Your Stars: Libra

Checks and balances, baby. Every year, the crisp Fall breeze and scent of Pumpkin Spice lattes ushers in Libra season, which is as graceful and golden as the fading summer days. Libra is symbolized by the scales, so it makes sense that Libra babes are all about balance, harnessing their infectious charm, even temper, and natural diplomacy in order to restore harmony and instill beauty in all areas of their lives.


Libras radiate eternal optimism, and their innate sensitivity to the needs of others gives them a soul-soothing presence that makes them one of the most empathetic signs. If you’re having a bad day, grabbing a drink with one of these attentive and compassionate peacemaker signs will most likely snap you out of it.


Ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty, Libra ladies have an unquenchable lust for life and know how to treat themselves. They appreciate all of life’s beauty and the finer things, and detest conflict because it gets in the way of enjoying life’s pleasures to the fullest. They are team players who are always willing to cooperate and compromise in order to regain equilibrium. They thrive when they are keeping the peace.

Libra is the second air sign of the zodiac, but Libras swing more towards a sweet breeze than a gale-force wind. The essence of air signs is intellect, sensitivity, and communication, which means Libra babes bring the winds of change in such a calm and mild way that you may not even notice you’re being swept up.


Libras are self-care queens who strive to look their best at all times. They love to shop and have naturally impeccable taste. The energy they receive from their ruling planet, Venus, means they add charm and personality to everything they touch – they love pieces they can easily style and custHAHmize. They’re the friend that will tell you life’s too short not to wear that dress you’re always saving for a special occasion, but a lot of the Libra glow up comes from inner beauty: they are their best and brightest when they are around other people.
Partnership comes easily to easygoing Libras: they are romantics who are in love with love, and their natural tendency towards communication and compromise means their relationships outlast any bumps in the road. They are social justice warriors who are constantly striving towards equality and fairness, and they seek out partners that are open-minded and balance them out.


The scales represent Libra’s occasionally paralyzing tendency towards indecisiveness, yet this selfless and socially graceful sign remains energetic and optimistic to those around them, eternally dedicated to finding life’s perfect balance.
HAHppy birthday Libra – here’s to being one HAHT balancing act!
 Words by Alison Green
Images by Lauren Kai, Jimmy Marble, Nan Goldin, and Jennifer Stenglein 

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