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What's HAHt On Campus...Meet Our Sorority Ambassador Ellie

we are hah hot as hell jumpsuit girl
Who Are You & Where are you from?
 Ellie Konsker & I'm from Boca Raton, Florida.
  What school do you go to & What sorority are you in?
I will be a junior at the University of Southern California. I'm in Kappa Kappa Gamma and being a part of this sorority has really helped me gain a sense of community.  It has also helped me meet amazing people who will be my friends for the rest of my life.
How did you hear about HAH?
I hear about HAH through one of my mom's friends, who is also one of Sharleen's best friends.  I'm really passionate about sustainable fashion, so after I heard about HAH I immediately wanted to get involved.
 What does HAH mean to you/how does wearing HAH make you feel?
To me, HAH means progression and evolution regarding sustainability and female empowerment.  HAH makes me feel strong, yet sexy.  It's all about looking your best to feel your best.
How do you wear your HAH?
I wear my HAH with confidence.  The clothing is all-functional so it's easy to dress up or down when needed.  I'm able to wear HAH from work, creating chic, office-appropriate looks, to nightlife, rocking sexy yet sophisticated outfits.


TOP PIC:  Ellie wears the Michele HAH Belle Jumpsuit in Noir.
BOTTOM PIC:  Ellie wears the Itsy Bitsy Top in Blood Orange and the Get Waisted Bottom in Blood Orange.

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