STUFF WE LOVE: pskaufman X Mimi Elashiry

You might have figured by now that we're not giant fans of meaningless consumption (consuming a full pizza is NOT meaningless, btw), which can make shopping a little strenuous in the era of fast fashion.  We like easy, but we sure don't like temporary.  One of our main goals at HAH is to create a product that you can wear over and over again, without ever feeling like the garment, or you, are losing sex appeal.  That's why we are extra excited about pskaufman, a footwear and accessories company by Paul Kaufman, inspired by master craftsmanship and recycled materials.  Recently, pskaufman caught our eye with the release of a collaboration with one of our ultimate girl crushes, Mimi Elashiry.  The collab is called me x pskaufman, and features three beautifully designed ankle boots.  These boots are inspired by Mimi and Paul's shared love for vintage American western clothing, as well as by Mimi's Egyptian roots.  The best part?  The boots are made by hand from recycled tires, using genuine goodyear-welt construction, with top lifts of repurposed jet tire inner tubes for the leather outsoles and heals.  There's nothing HAHtter than running, walking, dancing, skipping, or whatever-ing in something that is repurposed and made to last.  We think a pair of these boots and a Mags About U would look fit perfectly at a rodeo, what about you?  Keep pulling pskaufman, you've got us lassoed.
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