HAHt HAUL: Hitomi Mochizuki

We love a good clothing haul...and we'd be lying if we said we didn't love when we were in it ;).  But we especially love when the haul has a message, like the one this inspiring woman, Hitomi Mochizuki, did a little while back on sustainable clothing.  During this haul, Hitomi showcases all of the sustainable clothing she bought for 500 dollars.  Along with other bad-ass brands that we're dying to check out, she demonstrates a few of our swimmies, including the Multiway DIY Top which we are obsesssssed with on her.  Meant to be worn 8+ ways, this top is a piece we really feel represents our brand to the fullest by being so diverse.  Along with the DIY top, Hitomi tried on our 2 Tinsi Bottom, as well as the reversible 2 Turn 1 Piece.  We loved Hitomi in these items so much, we decided to send her a surprise package, (want us to do that for you?  Let us send you a Trust Us Box)!  
In her next haul, Hitomi featured the items we sent her and absolutely slayed us when she tried them on.  Her descriptions of how she plans on wearing each item are absolutely killer and we cannot wait to see how she styles everything!  Thank you for your support and sweet soul, Hitomi!
Check out the video below to see all of the items we sent in the surprise box!

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