Just the Beginning

George Floyd Protest: Just the Beginning
I’m Azure Kennedy, a college senior and I am immensely excited to be interning with HAH this summer in LA. Since moving to LA I have witnessed firsthand the protesting of police brutality in the U.S. To preface, I understand as a young white woman my privilege but I feel it is my responsibility to be an ally in fighting the horrific injustice occurring in our country. This past week I protested at City Hall in Los Angeles where thousands gathered to protest the murder of George Floyd and police brutality.

George Floyd Protest at City Hall In LA 

Standing among the thousands of protesters was not only one of the most heartbreaking and moving experiences of my life but I felt was my obligation. I could feel the supportive catharsis throughout the crowds as strangers of every race, gender, and age, shared sustenances as they hugged and cried together. Engulfed in the crowd I felt small and insignificant but just showing up to be a part of something much bigger than me felt powerful. 

George Floyd Protest

During these past few weeks I was confronted with my own privilege and overlooked the difference I could make as an individual. I’ve realized even if I was only one person I wanted to be there to be one more body standing up for human rights. Every single person has a duty no matter how big or small to not let this injustice to go unheard, unseen, or unknown. As HAH’s motto #startsomewhere I challenge every individual to make some kind of impact and keep going. This is just the beginning of this fight and I, as well as others owe it to keep fighting. 


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