HAH Celebrates Earth Day

Here at HAH, every day is Earth Day. When conceptualizing our products, we take Mother Earth into consideration from start to finish. We do this by coming up with ways that we can be a sustainable brand from the inside out. We do this by not only living an eco friendly lifestyle within our work community, but also by promoting a sustainable lifestyle to consumers that is beautiful in the way each of our pieces look and easy in the way that each piece can be maintained. Not only that, we also work hard to connect with other like-minded companies to expand our reach in creating positive impact by preserving and protecting our planet.
One of our favorite ways we love to celebrate the conservation of Mother Earth is through our collaboration with two incredible causes. The first is One Tree Planted, a nonprofit whose focus is global reforestation. Their mission is to get more trees in the ground, so for ever dollar donated, they plant one tree. We decided that for every purchase made, we would donate $1 towards this cause. So every time you buy a cute new suit or sustainable PJ’s you are also helping us help the Earth by planting one tree! It’s a win-win! This year, We Are HAH’s efforts has led to a total of $7,500 raised which means 7,500 trees have been planted thanks to HAHties like you and the incredible team at One Tree Planted.
The other cause the team is very passionate about is Heal The Bay. This is one that is local to us HAHties as this organization is based out LA, just like us! Heal the Bay is an environmental nonprofit dedicated to making the coastal waters and watersheds of Greater Los Angeles safe, healthy and clean. They do this by using science, education, community action, and advocacy. We Are HAH was able to help Heal The Bay clean up 160 pounds of ocean trash.
How will you celebrate Earth Day this year? The HAHties have compiled a list of 5 easy ways you can connect to Mother Earth this year.
  1. Get grounded – When you go outside for a few minutes of fresh air, consider taking off your shoes and letting your feet actually touch some soil and grass. This simple act is more powerful than it may seem. It literally connects you to the Earth and also has been proven to improve cortisol levels (the stuff that makes you stress out) and positively impacts the body’s inflammatory response and immune system. Connect to Mother Earth and feel better! 
  1. Plant a Tree – Virtually! – Check out our partner’s page and help them with reforestation. Then, check out the virtual map to see in real time where your tree will be planted. https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/global-forest-watch 
  1. Quarantine Responsibly – Get even cozier in a way that Mother Earth would approve of! Our latest PJ’s are made of recycled plastic bottles… what better way to reduce, reuse, and recycle during this time?
  2. Contemplate our Earth, and the Universe - Listen to some of the brightest minds in science and literature come together in awe of this mysterious planet and universe that we are a part of. Science and the Arts at their finest. Sidenote: The 2020 live virtual event is coming this Friday, April 25th! https://www.brainpickings.org/the-universe-in-verse/
  1. Grow something! – What better way to love on Mother Earth than to collaborate with her? Check out this article and get inspired on how you can easily use your own green thumb! https://www.fastcompany.com/3058602/how-to-plant-an-urban-garden-a-step-by-step-tutorial
Enjoy Celebrating Mother Earth Today
Love, the HAHTIES 

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