How to Wash Your HAH

Make sure your PJ's get the wash they and the environment deserve.
So you just got your PJ's made of recycled PET plastic bottles...but is just purchasing clothing that was made sustainably the most you can do to conserve Mother Earth? We say there is always more you can do in your day-to-day when being a warrior for the well-being of the planet. 


HAH's mission is to make clothes last a lifetime and create an Earth that gets healthier and more vibrant over time. Our elegant pieces are designed for longevity and gentleness in their maintenance. This is groundbreaking
Why? It puts the power in YOUR hands. 
How? The carbon footprint created by clothing mainly happens AFTER you buy it.
Yes, you heard that right. Maintenance of clothing is what causes the biggest environmental impact. This is good news because this means
Love 💚 is in the ♻️ Care 💚


The way you care for your clothes is the way you care for yourself and the planet. 
See how to take care with our 4 strategies below. We are excited to #startsomewhere with you! Show us how to wash your HAH by using the hashtag #startsomewhere and tagging us on your feed when you use any or all fo the following techniques with all of your favorite HAH pieces!
1. Wash your HAH less
  • Yes, we said that. The best way to take action is to actually do less.

  • We made it so you can look chic AF without the work.

  • Our pieces do not need to be washed with every wear.

  • Save some time by needing to do less laundry AND protect the planet by using less energy/heat in the process.

2. Wash in cold water
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by purchasing pieces that only need a cold water wash.

  • ~90% of the energy required for washing with hot water in a washing machine is for heating the water.

  • Cold water conserves energy required for a hot water wash.

3. Air dry
  • No need for the use of energy from a dryer. The heat from a dryer is not good for the environment.

  • When you use a dryer, it breaks off more microfibers from your clothing.

  • The next time you put your piece through the wash, the microfibers from using a dryer break apart and get into the water supply.

  • Using a dryer makes the fabric of your clothing fall apart faster.

4. Buy a designer bag
  • The GuppyFriend Bag is made with purpose and intention. This bag is a game-changer. Why? 

  • When you wash anything that is made of polyester or other synthetics, some of the microfibers break off and get into the water supply.

  • The GuppyFriend Bag captures the microfibers from going back into the water.

Click here to add the GuppyFriend Bag to your washing ritual. 


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