The YOKO KIMONO is probably my all-time favorite piece that HAH has ever created. And it also happens to be the absHAHlutely PERFECT accompaniment to any festival outfit, with it’s deep pockets (large enough to accommodate your phone + money/ID + lipgloss) AND bada$$ hood… 


I wore the white YOKO KIMONO at Burning Man this past summer, pairing with a chain/crystal bra and matching belt (that I found on Etsy). Believe it or not, this was a fairly modest outfit for burning man, where clothing is optional. But if you’re looking for more coverage, I would suggest pairing with our SPINSTER or COMIN’ IN HAHT bodysuit and BLOW UR HORN PANT (or your favorite vintage denim jeans or cutoffs). 


I also love that she transitions seamlessly from day to night! While it can be Hot-As-Hell in the desert during the day, as soon as the sun goes down things cool down considerably. Try to reserve a locker space in advance, and bring a change of clothes that you can throw on if/when it starts to get cold. For example, I wore a bikini under my YOKO during the day, then at night switched my bikini out for a COMIN’ IN HAHT + jeans. I would also bring a sweater, JIC. Every year is different, and you never know how cold it’s going to get, but it’s always good to be prepared so your discomfort doesn’t get in the way of your fun! 


And on that note, make sure to pair with some comfortable footwear! It may sound lame and/or obvious, but that’s probably the best advice I could ever give. You’re going to spend HOURS on your feet each day, walking countless miles as you go from stage to stage to beer garden and back again. It doesn’t matter how cute your shoes are, if they’re not comfortable they’re not worth it. My go-to is usually a pair of converse hi-tops I’ve had since high school. (though you’d be surprised how comfortable those 7 inch demonia platforms actually are… perfect for Burning Man, but a little too extra for Coachella IMO).


Other than that, just go ahead and rock out with your YOKO out! She’ll make you feel like the queen of Coachella :) 

P.S. I’ve incorporated the YOKO into my festival looks the past 2 years in a row, and I make no apologies for being an outfit repeater, because... #30wears.




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