I’m may not be a mathematician, but I still like equations, and HAH + Vintage = festival perfection
I love mixing in vintage pieces with our TAKE U FARRER Dress, and not just for festival… this dress also happens to be one of my favorite HAH creations of all time. And the combination of being HAH’s resident stylist, my love of this dress, and WANTING to wear it everyday but NOT WANTING to show a borderline inappropriate level of cleavage everywhere I go has naturally led me to find some creative styling solutions for making TAKE U FARRER more appropriate for everyday wear. And let me tell you… it’s more versatile than you might think!

Some of my favorite versions include:
  • simply pairing with a t-shirt - voila! wear everywhere, everyday… 
  • wearing as a SKIRT (just fold down the top portion and tuck) + pairing with a vintage tee 
  • adding a vintage belt to the mix (either as-is, or with either t-shirt combination above)
  • and FYI - our COMIN’ IN HAHT bodysuit also works really well under this dress, for a little added security and for something a little sexier, try pairing with a cool body chain, like this one from Grace Bijoux that I wore to Coachella last year…  
And now, a word on our vintage obsession… here at HAH we are huge supporters of shopping vintage, not only because it’s ****ing cool, and almost always one of a kind, but because it also happens to be an eco-friendly alternative. #startsomewhere 
Most of my festival outfit successes can be attributed to some combination of HAH + Vintage:
HI-KINI + vintage T-SHIRT/belt… who needs pants?

BLOW UR HORN + vintage T-SHIRT… and in case you were wondering, YES that is the same shirt, YES I do wear it ALL the time, and YES I do own other shirts - I just choose to wear the same one over and over because I have yet to find one that I love more… #30wears… #morelike1000wears
RACEY SLIT + COMIN' IN HAHT vintage body chain - found on etsy after obsessive and excessive searching 


And in case you were wondering, here are some of mine (and the team’s) favorite places to shop vintage: 
EXPERT TIP - after year’s of trial and error, I’ve found that the best way to hide those pesky under-eye circles that inevitably appear after 3 days/nights of non-stop partying is by covering them up completely. Luckily our friends at body bauble have you covered in that department - thanks guys! 

Okay HAHTIES - that’s the last of my festival styling tips. I hope they helped and inspired you to have the Best.Coachella.Ever. See you in the desert! And don’t forget to tag us so we can follow your festival adventures and see how YOU made HAH all your own. 
And in the mean time, feel free to listen to my spotify playlist - the best way I’ve found to get in the coachella spirit :) xx


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