HAH was born out of a desire for a simplistic MORE – more sensibility, more sustainability, and more attainability in the designer market. A movement, a lifestyle, and a brand, Hot-As-Hell is raising the bar in elevated apparel. With versatile collections of swimwear and beach lifestyle apparel, HAH clothing fills a niche of timeless, wearable, ethical and accessible fashion. With its European simplicity and LA attitude, HAH clothing is designed for the HAH woman – with a purpose and designed to make sense. The result is liberated fashion for the modern woman – unstructured pieces to fit every body type, made of eco-friendly, easy-care fabrics, in iconic prints and colors… clothes that she can live her life in, and that never go out of style, just like her.

Isn’t that Hot-As-Hell?
HAH | Hot-As-Hell and its founder Sharleen Ernster were featured in series of videos produced by Conscious Capitalism LA as part of their CC-LA Stories series that celebrates purpose-driven businesses through the power of storytelling.

We were proud to tell our story and spread our higher purpose by pioneering the idea that, yes, you CAN be sexy with a soul.

@we_are_hah – we have, we are, and we will continue to limit the amount of waste we contribute to the fashion industry because we believe in our legHAHcy and our power to make change…
It’s easy to follow the conventional fashion path to launch a brand. But conventional isn’t necessarily sustainable. In this video produced by by Conscious Capitalism LA, HAH’s Founder Sharleen Ernster discusses our #startsomewhere campaign and what it takes to have the courage to pioneer a new fashion cycle and rewrite business as usual. In her own words: “We are by no means perfect, but we have made a bold commitment to #startsomewhere with initiatives that put people and the planet first. HAH is sexy with a soul.”