Product HAHlight: HAH Straight Up Bodysuit & 1-Piece

In a life that’s getting busier and busier, what if we told you you can have the best of two worlds? Today we have a sizzling hot bodysuit made from only the very best swim material, so you can wear if for work, play, and everything else

The HAH Straight Up Bodysuit and  1-Piece: Everything You Need To Know

Let’s reinvent 1-piece swimwear the HAH way. Here you have a versatile body suit that doubles as a sexy swimsuit. Can you say versatile?

Product Description

Sometimes, the oldies are gold, and you’ll never see that better showcased than with this gorgeous bodysuit and sexy swimsuit rolled into one hot package. It’s a racerback swimsuit with all the best traditional swimwear styling, reinvented for the 2020s. Plunging cuts and high legs show off the best of everything you have, with a tongue-in-cheek 90s retro vibe that’s cooler than ever.
To add extra pep to your wardrobe, it’s also the ideal sexy opaque bodysuit you’ve been looking for. Whether you go glitter and glam, or toss on jeans to head to the shop, you’ll look like a million bucks.
How Our HAH Straight Up Bodysuit and 1-Piece Is Made
It’s also sustainable swimwear at its very best. Made with our eco-friendly EFL corn sugar fabric, it’s soft to touch, delightful to wear, and earth friendly. It won’t dig into your legs, but instead shape itself around your curves for a look that’s elegant and classic.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you want to know more about this flirty swimsuit with a difference. The HAH Straight Up Bodysuit and 1-Piece is a fantastic product you’ll love having in your wardrobe, but we know you want to know more.

FAQ #1 - Is the HAH Straight Up Bodysuit and 1-Piece only available in leopard print?

Nope! With versatile black, bold white, two animal prints, and a charming floral to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice with this soft bodysuit.

FAQ #2 - Is the suit lined?

No, this piece is not lined, in order to keep the striking silhouette it’s known for and add extra versatility if you want to use it for a night on the town, too. Don’t worry, it won’t go transparent in the water, however.

FAQ #3 - How should I care for my 1-piece?

Handle this baby with a little care, and she’ll be keeping you looking great for years to come. Because the EFL material is so soft and designed to shape to the curves of your body, gentle handling is always better. We suggest rinsing off salt water as soon as you can if you’re at the beach. Other then that, toss it in a cool wash on a gentle setting and hang to dry- it will be ready to wear in no time

What Our Customers Are Saying

Women everywhere have fallen in love with the retro vibes and sleek style of the Straight Up Swimsuit and Bodysuit. Here’s what a few had to say about their purchase.

Testimonial #1 - Aura

Feels like a Second Skin! Sooo comfortable and flattering. The fabric is eco which is a huge plus!!!! I feel sexy and confident in this bodysuit. I am 5'8" with a 36C chest and ordered a Large but could have gone with a size Medium for a tighter fit. The description is accurate in that this piece comes a 1/2 size smaller.

Testimonial #2 - Sarah D..

Ordering in every color! This suit is so comfy and flattering, I slept in it two nights in a row on vacation 😂 I have pretty big, heavy boobs but felt comfortable not wearing anything to supplement support because it gives you a little lift. Ordering in every color now

Testimonial #3 - Chris.

Get extra! I bought the black one for an upcoming vacation to Tulum. My only disappointment is that I didn't buy more so they'd be here in time for the trip. I'm 5'10", 38DD, 170lbs with a long torso. The large is perfect and it's soooo comfortable. Buy several, you won't regret it!

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