Why Plastic Bags?

Cleaning up fashion’s dirty little secrets, one step at a time.

When your package arrives at your doorstep, you’ll notice that your HAH goodies are in plastic bags. We know they’re not exactly the chicest packaging, but we’re passionate about our poly bags and here’s why:


Every product produced worldwide must be packaged in a plastic poly bag for shipment and storage. Just let that sink in - that’s, like, gazillions of plastic bags.

They're almost identical to the bags that were banned from grocery stores, so why haven’t you heard more about them? Probably because it’s one of fashion’s most well-kept secrets. Most retailers remove the poly bags and wrap their products in more plastic or tissue paper before they ship it to you, which creates DOUBLE the waste, and is twice as hard on Mother Earth.

This is why HAH has pledged to make the most out of our poly bags, which means nothing is wasted and nothing is swept under the rug.

Rather than re-packaging your order in prettier packaging before we mail your items to you, we make sure that your order comes wrapped in the exact same plastic bag that it was originally packed in, traveling from the factory all the way to you. Check out where in the world your HAH favorites were made with love ❤️, and think of the hands that packed your product for you.

There is a 90% chance that a woman packed your product.

And we hope that by highlighting our poly bags instead of hiding them, we help you see them in a new light, infusing the process with transparency & a whole lotta HAHeart.



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