WHAHt's Written in Your Stars: Cancer

Can you feel the love tonight? Welcome to Cancer season! Sensitive, nurturing, and strong-willed, Cancer babes have emotions that run deep. They are highly intuitive and always attuned to the all the undercurrents of life’s emotions. The first water sign of the zodiac, compassionate and soothing Cancerians know how to get you in touch with your emotions and your creative juices flowing.
Ruled by the Moon, the celestial body in charge of our shifting moods and emotions, Cancer babes lean into their inner selves, honoring their deepest desires and emotional cravings. They also embrace their romantic side and feminine mystique. Yet their strong connection with the moon means they can be quite moody and reclusive - shower them with acts of love and displays of affection to bring them back down to earth. 

Home is where the heart is for this maternal water sign: they have an inherent need to serve as a caregiver and plant strong roots, and they thrive by creating cozy and calm spaces wherever they go. Their sentimental and romantic nature gives them a true appreciation for vintage pieces that have a story and evoke a sense of nostalgia. Symbolized by the Crab, with his hard shell and vulnerable underbelly, who carries his home on his back, security seeking Cancers love having a space all their own for self care and entertaining, although sometimes they can get lost in their own world. They are extremely generous and patient, and tend to put others’ needs before their own, although it’s important for these sensitive souls to know they are loved as much as they give love.

Motivated by love, Cancer emotions and intuition tend to override their logic. Cancer is associated with the stomach, and literally urges us to go with our gut, and follow our instincts. They are constantly looking out for their loved ones - Cancer energy has a soothing and cathartic effect, like chicken soup for the soul. They are the friends you go to when you need a venting session or a shoulder to cry on, because the warmth they radiate is undeniable and they thrive when taking care of people.
Loyal and romantic, Crabs are attentive and affectionate lovers by nature. It takes a certain type of person to get them out of their shell, but once they catch feelings for someone who appreciates their gentle nature and can ride out their mood swings, they only have eyes for them. 
HAHppy Birthday sweet Cancer - thanks for showing us how to romance ourselves! 

Words by Alison Green

Images by Bruno Barbey, Jennifer Steinglein, and Fro Rojas

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