The Chase Me Down

CEO Sharleen Ernster remembers the moment The Chase Me Down was brought into existence. She says she very clearly remembers the designer on the team, Rebecca Bunker, coming to the new newly established HAH headquarters. At the time, the headquarters were just a room with no furniture, only corkboard strewn throughout the space… canvases for uninhibited possibility. Rebecca didn’t enter the space empty-handed. She had a project she had been assigned in tow, an inspiration board with a vintage photo of a high waisted lace panty in the center as the visual focal point. Sharleen and Rebecca were equally enamored with the silhouette and this was the beginning of the design process of the Chase Me Down.

Rebecca remembers that day very clearly as well. She confessed that day was the one where she realized that she and Sharleen had very similar thought processes. Throughout the meeting, they really got each other when thinking about how to “HAH”ify pieces to make them very unique to the brand in not only the way they were designed, but also in how they were named. Rebecca said that she was so excited when she and Sharleen clicked on the naming of the style. They had the same sense of humor and liked to use wit, creativity, and plays on words which have been a trademark of the brand ever since the naming of the Chase Me Down. Sharleen says she still laughs when she puts on this panty because she really feels like someone should be chasing you down when you wear them! They are that comfortable and that adorable with a sporty and playful element as well.
From the first campaign shoot, the Chase Me Down became an instant classic. They were worn by Cailin, an ethereal tomboy with a spunky chill demeanor. The frills of the Chase Me Down created such a cool juxtaposition as Cailin lounged carefree in them on a tennis court in the middle of NYC. Soon after that, the Chase Me Down had another iconic moment when Rebecca showed them off cheekily (pun intended) as she ran down the streets of Miami after the brand’s first runway show. Sharleen says since then the brand has made sure to incorporate the style at every one of their campaign shoots by staging shots with models doing different running scenes with the Chase Me Down front and center.

The style will always be considered an “evergreen piece” according to Rebecca. Versatility and a twist on a classic style. The Chase Me Down was the first time Rebecca got to figure out how to “HAH”ify a vintage style panty by taking a traditional silhouette and adding sweet scallops and a sexy thin elastic to the mix. These small edits gave the style a new level of versatility by giving the person wearing the style the option of wearing the scalloped edges scrunched chic or pulled wide and comfortable. The elastic plays perfectly on all sizes and shapes, a freer way to exist in lingerie. This style truly shows what HAH works to achieve in every one of their pieces.

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