Queen 4 A Day: The Perfect Brunch Dress

Queen 4 A (Sun)day -The Ultimate Sunday Brunch Dress by HAH
7 reasons why HAH’s Queen 4 A Day is the only outfit you need to wear to brunch
1) Make a Statement - May your brunch date outfit be as bold as your brunching location. Look the part, you will be effortlessly elegant in any Sunday situation you find yourself in around town. 

2) From Chic to Street - Change into sneaks and you’re ready to hit the farmer’s market, the park, or the boardwalk. This style effortlessly transitions from upscale fancy brunch attire to downbeat day look depending on your mood or activities for the day.
3) Sleeves Please - Some say be a lady. We say don’t, just look like one. Look regal AF but know you can roll up the sleeves and dig right in to whatever dish tickles your fancy. (Clearly we’re digging the squid in this Sunday brunch look)

4) Wear a brand that is sustainable and intentional, just like those organic items on your menu. The style is made to be multifaceted, meaning you get more bang for your buck when purchasing less and getting more out of such an investment piece. It is reversible and can be styled up or down. Think multipurpose, just another reason why HAH’s Queen 4 A Day is the reigning style of brunch.
5) A Style for all Seasons - The versatility of both the bodysuit and the dress styles make this a one-of-a-kind investment. Layer with a jacket, sweater, and/or scarf for fall brunch outfits and casual brunch outfits in winter weather. Pair with a mini skirt or shorts for the warmer seasons, this is a staple for summer brunch attire too. The sheer material paired with the loose long sleeves and turtleneck makes this piece truly adaptable to any of your brunch outfit needs.

chiffon long sleeve queen for a day dress pink hot pink

6) Easy like Sunday Morning - Comfortable and easy on you and the environment. Brunch anywhere and put your mind at ease knowing you can just toss this style in the wash with the rest of your Sunday laundry... no need for the extra trip to the dry cleaners. Added bonus: no chemicals from the cleaners on your skin or going into the atmosphere... cheers to going green and to HAH for helping you make an easy decision on what to wear to brunch!  
7) Strike a Pose – Not only will your locale be worthy of the grid on the gram, your brunch attire will be equally memorable. Whether you’re in the states or somewhere exotic, the Queen 4 A Day meets a variety of styling needs for your go-to brunch outfits. 
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