HAH's Eco-Friendly Swim Fabric is Made of Corn 🌽

HAH's uses an exclusive swim fabric called EFL which stands for Extended Fabric Life...
It's earned its name thanks to its superior durability, outstanding UV and chlorine resistance to snagging/pilling & abrasion. Our EFL fabric is comprised of a polymer called Polytrimethyl Terephthalate - sourced from corn 🌽and Lycra... meaning HAH's timeless styles will really stand the test of time. 

Why Will You Love this Fabric? 
It protects your skin from harmful UV rays & will retain it's shape without bagging. 
It also reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 51%, consumes 25% less energy than traditional textiles & allows for digital printing (our favorite eco-friendly printing technique)!
    "The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it." - Robert Swan
    Photographer: Brie Lakin

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