HAH x Foray Collective

With so many different influencers and bloggers taking over the Instagram world, there are so many different styles, and brands constantly emerging, to keep up with.  That’s why we love what the team at Foray Collective does; which makes our lives easier by showing us what the coolest of cool girls are wearing.  They even link the websites so we don’t have to dig through pages of Instagram and the ever challenging search of trying to find a brand on google by typing in what the item looks like (we all know how horrifying a harmless google search can end up).  In one of Foray’s recent emails, they featured HAH as the #FOTD, which is their Foray of the Day outfit.  Fashion blogger Hanna Montazami looks HAHmazing in the I’ll Take You Farrer Dress in BB Noir.  We’re loving how airy this dress is for those hot summer days, and how easy it transitions into those moon-light dancing summer nights.  To make this email double the fun, Foray also featured Hanna’s sister, Sara Montazami, stunning in the Queen 4 A Day Bodysuit in La Crème.  We love this duo and how they each style their HAH and bring their own personalities.  Shop both looks ASAP!  Trust us, you need them.
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