Green Wedding Shoes- Vow RenewHAHl

Spring is officially here which season!  No matter if you are the person who cries at the wedding scenes on Say Yes to The Dress or if you're the person who gags at another Facebook wedding engagement announcement, you just can't help but admit that some people really know how to pull the damn thing off.  We were recently featured on Green Wedding Shoes- an amazing website for all things wedding ideas.  They have everything you need to know about planning a wedding, from entertainment ideas to great vendors.  We were lucky enough to be recognized as the amazing gown that wouldn't be complete without the woman underneath in a recently Miami vow renewal (she surprised her hubby- how freakin cool).  Alyssa and Daniel were married for just over five years before she decided to surprise him with a vow renewal on their vacay to Miami.  With a back drop of a vintage car, as well as the ocean, Alyssa kills it in one of our CustHAHm tulle dresses similar to Rocky's Choice dress from the OG HAHttie's wedding.  The photography is as amazing as we know the day was and we can't get enough of the beautiful Alyssa in such an amazingly crafted piece.  Congrats Alyssa and Daniel- happy loving!


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