Go Ahead and Ask Us... #whomademyclothes

In honor of Fashion Revolution Week, team HAH was inspired to join the #fashionrevolution and introduce you to Sofia, the woman who (hand)makes and brings our 1 of HAH KIND program come to life.


Sofia Santos is our local seamstress in DTLA. Born in Chiapas, Mexico, at age 22 (& with her 5 children in tow) Sofia, a single mother, moved to Los Angeles. Since then she has become a 1 woman show whose work has graced the red carpet at the Oscars and traveled around the world.


We started working with Sofia back in 2016, on our first-ever custHAHm project - designing Thomas Jack's kimono and pants for his Coachella performance.  We continued to work with her on smaller projects here and there, until we finally had the idea to launch the 1 OF HAH KIND program. We knew we could entrust her with our precious 1 OF HAH kind creations, and Sofia's been a crucial member of the fHAHmily ever since!

HAH is doing our part to reduce fashion waste by upcycling vintage jackets and repurposing them into 1 of HAH kind creations. Our Designer hunts all over the world for unique pieces, and sustainably sources the dead stock fabrics that gives the collection that signature 1 of HAH kind look. She then works with Sofia, who hand re-makes every piece and brings the designs to life!  


We’ve also teamed up with local artisans @dirtyneedleembroidery & @lotstockandbarrel to customize our pieces into truly 1 of HAH KIND creations.

We made this short video to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our 1 OF HAH KIND program...  

Over the years, we've created many 1 of HAH kind jackets for bloggers and influencers like Rocky Barnes & Caroline Vreeland. 
The options are endless when it comes to these projects, it all starts with an idea, and then we run with it...


 Today we celebrate the people who make out clothes - recognizing that HAH wouldn't be possible without Sofia (and many others) who work behind the scenes to make it all HAHppen. 
We encourage you to take a moment and ask the question #whomademyclothes, what goes into making our clothes, and what does the ripple effect of what we wear have on our planet? Unfortunately, too many of the people who make our clothes live in poverty, exploitation or danger. By asking these questions and joining the revolution you can do your part and bring about the change that is needed to make our industry safer and more transparent. 
We are proud to be apart of this Fashion Revolution and hope to be a catalyst for change in the fashion industry, ensuring we're leaving a legHAHcy we can be proud of!

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