Hot-As-Hell is proud to welcome GTL Asia Limited to the HAH family… Based in Shanghai, GTL is a full service product development firm that shares our passion for creating timeless designs in the most efficient, sustainable way possible, all the while respecting the lives of those involved in the manufacturing process.

GTL also cares about the working environment within their factories, and strives to support their employees by encouraging both personal and professional success. Their team is constantly evaluating the conditions in their factories and striving to make them better. They are closely partnering with Digital Printing facilities or facilities that have Green Manufacturing processes. This is also something that’s very important to HAH; we choose to align ourselves with manufacturing partners that truly care about their employees.

HAH supports businesses that encourage sustainable innovation, and that’s exHAHctly what GTL has become known for on a global scale. Their recognized as being leaders in the innovative fabric field , as well as   members of famous global communities, such as  Better Cotton  (BCI) as a sustainable mainstream commodity.  In fact, the US and EU have each awarded GTL numerous awards in acknowledgement of their innovative practices. They’re constantly striving to do their part in making the supply chain more sustainable, and we think that’s Hot-As-Hell.

But it all comes down to product… and GTL upholds our high standard of production, the result being a superior quality product. Specializing in novelty fabrics, they were exactly who we needed to get our Holiday velvet collection off the ground. They work with many of the most respected brands in the industry, and we’re proud that HAH has been added to that list.

We’re all about transparency when it comes to our manufacturing processes. That’s because we work with the best in the industry – like GTL. We want to show that it is possible to create beautiful, quality products through sustainable manufacturing processes. In a world of fashion waste, we strive to do better, and we’re proud to #startsomewhere with GTL.