HAH is proud to work with vendors who are pioneers in their industries, socially and ecologically conscious, and experts in their respective fields. All of that and more can be said of Jacalyn E. S. Bennett and Company, HAH’s manufacturer of lingerie and apparel. During her thirty years in the business, Jacalyn Bennett has been praised as one of the best lingerie designers in the world, known for perfect fit, quality, and construction. Her company has won awards in China for having the best-designed factory, and is well respected in the industry for focusing on eco-minded manufacturing. Bennett is fully committed to being as eco-conscious as possible throughout the entire manufacturing process. Members of the Organic Textile Exchange, they also develop eco-friendly fabrics comprised wholly or partially of bamboo, soybean, milk fiber, charcoal, and recycled polyester. They are deeply affiliated with Conscious Capitalism, an organization that cultivates the theory that business should serve a higher purpose.

Bennett is also hugely philanthropic, giving back to the communities in which they work through support of organizations for social justice, and development of programs that better the lives of women and children. This includes financial support of Sarvodaya, an organization in Sri Lanka that gives outcast mothers and babies a place to stay and the opportunity to learn a trade, as well as scholarship programs in Panyu Polytech, China and the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC. They’ve also aligned themselves with Omega Women’s Leadership Center, an organization that fosters and encourages the development of female leadership opportunities. Bennett also brings it home to Newburyport, MA by supporting Anna Jaques Hospital.

HAH believes that it is possible to create a beautiful, quality product while at the same time being respectful of the people we work with and the environments we work in. That’s why we choose to work with vendors like Bennett. Because caring about the environment and those around you never goes out of style.