Product Highlight: Strung Out Garters

It’s time to sizzle! If you ever thought sustainable lingerie was dull and dreary, it’s time to think again. With these super-hot garters in your bag of goodies, you’ll feel like a cool million no matter where they take you.

The HAH Strung Out Garters: Everything You Need To Know

Women’s garters, but better. That’s what We Are HAH set out to create with this extra-special addition to your eco-friendly lingerie collection.

Product Description

You’ll never be strung out to dry with these sexy garters in your underwear drawer. This specialty piece has become one of our most in-demand products, and rightly so. Whether they’re a gift to yourself, or for someone special’s eyes only, you’ll feel like a dream and look like one too. Time to turn up the heat!

How Our HAH Strung Out Garters Are Made

High Quality. No compromise. That’s the name of the game with our entire sustainable lingerie range, and these fully adjustable garters are no different. Remember, our products are Global Recycled Standard Certified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Garters are super-hot and the perfect blend of sexy and spicy. But we know it’s a big step to add them to your lingerie staples. Here’s some common questions we hear from women just like you. And remember, our team is always happy to help if you want to know anything else.

FAQ #1 - How do I care for an elastic garter?

The elastic construction in this eco-friendly garter belt makes sure it always fits like a dream, but it will need a little love too. We recommend you give them a wash before you wear, to allow the elastic to shape properly. After that, simply wash with cold water and a minimal cycle, avoid the spin, and lay flat to dry.

FAQ #2 - Can I fit them to my body?

We know everyone's a little different, so these garters are fully adjustable to suit your unique shape.

FAQ #3 - How can I boost my confidence to wear garters?

Trust us, with these beauties on you will feel fantastic. But if you’re a little worried, don’t be. This elastic garter set is designed to make your booty pop and give you all the confidence you need to strut your stuff.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Women across the globe are enjoying the daring vibes of the HAH Strung Out Garter Set. Here’s what a few had to say about their new buy.

Testimonial #1 - Liomari D

Sexy, eco and comfortable. I loved everything I purchased, my night gown, garter, and panties were all super cute, comfortable (which is a must), and eco friendly (which is another must for me). I am so happy I found a place where I can buy undergarments that make me feel, comfortable, sexy and morally good about myself.

Testimonial #2 - Michelle M.

So flattering!! So easy to adjust and the leg straps sit right under your bum which give your cheeks the perfect lift. Literally I never want to take them off because my butt looks so good 🥰❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

Testimonial #3 - Niki G.

Very sexy!! Love them!! They are adjustable so you can make them fit just right!!

What To Pair Our HAH Strung Out Garters With

With these adjustable garters in your goodie bag, we wouldn’t blame you if you don’t think you need anything else. But if you want to add some romance, here’s some fantastic choices. 

Product Pairing #1 - HAH T String Me A Thong

A whisper of lace is the perfect way to complete the package. Pair this comfortable lace T-string to your new garters for a modern silhouette and a lot of mystique- wow!

Product Pairing #2 - Chase Me Down Panty

Garters have vintage allure, so why not pair them up with a perfect vintage silhouette? Embrace your old-school Hollywood screen goddess in this too-hot-to-handle pairing.

Product Pairing #3 - Yoko Kimono

Want to amp up those silver-screen goddess vibes some more? This flirty kimono-style robe will slide on over your garters and keep a little mystique- but it will slide off just as easily in the bedroom.

Who Are We? We Are Hah

It’s time to embrace the House of HAH revolution. It’s our mission to leave a minimal footprint on the earth, but a major one on your wardrobe. We believe every woman should feel fantastic in what she wears, no matter what your individual style says. 

Our Story

We’re not perfect, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be the very best we can possibly be. The House of HAH is dedicated to doing better for the earth, one product at a time. But we’ve kept our sexy style through our sustainable lingerie revolution, so you never have to compromise.

Our Products

The We Are HAH product collection isn’t just for models. We’ve designed unique pieces that look fantastic on real bodies. There’s no need to sacrifice style just to be earth-kind. We are proud to offer you it all in one comfortable package. Why not fall in love today/