Product HAHlight: 1 4 UR Soul 1-Piece

It’s getting hot out there! We Are Hah has created a women’s swimwear line that’s not only flirty, sexy, and sensual, but kind to the earth too. Let’s raise the curtain on the House of HAH mystique, and take a peek at one of our top selling 1-piece swimsuits.

The HAH 1 4 Ur Soul 1-Piece: Everything You Need To Know

Who said 1-piece swimwear had to be boring? Rethink everything you thought you knew about the traditional swimsuit with this sin-sational pick.

Product Description

The HAH 1 4 UR Soul 1-piece is versatile and suits a wide range of bodies, bringing flirty fun to the table. With one shoulder, and an expertly draped waist tie to add visual interest and ensure a perfect fit, you’ll be the belle of the beach. Paired with a classic (and oh-so-in) Brazilian high-cut leg, you’ll look- and feel- like a showstopper.

How Our HAH 1 4 UR Soul 1-Piece Is Made

Your new swimming soul-mate is kind to nature too. The House of HAH uses only recycled fabrics to build our ranges, meaning you can rest assured you’re leaving a big splash at the pool, but a minimal one on the earth. This suit is made from our signature EFL fabric. Our products are Global Recycled Standard Certified. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to know a little more about the HAH 1 4 UR Soul 1-Piece? We know smart modern women like to get the facts before they click buy. We’re happy to answer any other questions you have about this fabulous product, but here’s a few we hear a lot.

FAQ #1 - Is the HAH 1 4 UR Soul 1-Piece only available in floral?

Nope! While we love the understated elegance of our flower in your face option, this is also available in slinky black for old-school Hollywood vibes.

FAQ #2 - Can I exchange my order?

We can accept returns on some of our swimwear, but the hygiene strip in the bottom must be intact, so don’t remove it before you’re satisfied with the purchase. The item’s tags must be intact, and we won’t take worn or soiled returns, so try it straight out the bag for added peace of mind.

FAQ #3 - How should I care for my 1-piece?

Just like a goddess, our swimwear likes to be handled with care. Wash it on a cold setting and lay down flat to dry to keep the stretch fabric and fit perfect for years to come.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Women across the globe have enjoyed the 1 4 UR Soul 1-piece. Here’s what a few had to say about their new buy.

Testimonial #1 - Andrea V

Girls please check me out🤤 Everything about this one piece is amazing. sexy the color and how classy it makes me feel 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Testimonial #2 - Julia T.

I love this suit!!! I'm about 130lb and a 34DD, I always struggle to find a bathing suit that fits well and is flattering. This suit does it all AND it doesn't move! So functional. 10/10, would buy again ;)

Testimonial #3 - Jules.

Favorite HAH swimsuit I own. This is the second swimsuit in this style that I’ve purchased from HAH. I have several of their swimsuits but this style is my favorite! The tie across the waist is so flattering. If you get this swimsuit you won’t regret it!

What To Pair Our HAH 1 4 UR Soul 1-Piece With

You’re already sorted for the beach, but there’s nothing wrong with having options, right? Try these on for size!

Product Pairing #1 - HAHt PJ Set

After a long day in the water, you just want to kick back and relax. Do it in style with this slinky, silky PJ set that’s packed with the vibes of a tigress.

Product Pairing #2 - Coming in HAHt Bodysuit

Are you digging the confidence and sexy glamor of the 1 4 UR Soul swimsuit? Take it with you into daily life with this lacy bodysuit. Whether you want to keep it undercover just for yourself, or show it off under a hot leather jacket, everyone will love the style you’re bringing.

Product Pairing #3 - Yoko Kimono

Want to amp up those silver-screen goddess vibes some more? This flirty kimono-style robe will slide on over your swimsuit as easily as slide off in the bedroom.

Who Are We? We Are Hah

It’s time to join the House of HAH revolution. Leaving a minimal footprint on the earth, but a major one on your style, we’re here to help women just like you feel fantastic no matter where life takes them. 

Our Story

No one’s perfect, right? That doesn’t mean we can’t be the very best we can be! That’s why the House of HAH has decided to take the bull by the horns and do better for the earth, without sacrificing a jot of the sexy style we’re known for.

Our Products

Every item from the House of HAH is custom style to look amazing on real bodies. Gone are the days when earth-friendly fashion looked like the 60s were calling. Embrace our wealth of funky designs, and rest assured you’re doing the best for Mother Earth too.