WHAHt's Written in Your Stars: Taurus

There's a reason that Earth Day coincides with us charging headfirst into Taurus season. Practical and level-headed, Taurus babes stay grounded no matter what, embodying their earth sign to the fullest. Patient, perceptive, and generous almost to a fault, they tend to nurture those around them (just like Mother Earth) and are one of the most reliable signs in the zodiac - if you're counting on them, they would never even consider letting you down.

taurus hot as hell hah

The first earth sign in the zodiac, Taurus prizes stability and security in order to feed their easygoing energy, which is grounding and calming and never fails to draw people to them. Ruled by the persistent and strong-willed Bull, these diligent and dependable babes are not afraid of commitment, working tirelessly until they see concrete results or achieve personal satisfaction. Their ambitious nature, which comes out in full force when they're revved up over something they're passionate about, makes them the ideal gym buddy and go to friend to tackle an intimidating project with. They make you feel like anything is possible, as long as you are patient and persistent.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, luxury, and beauty. As a result, Bull babes are constantly looking to surround themselves with as much beauty as possible, whether it's in the form of nature, relationships, or a stunning new outfit. Sensual and self indulgent, they know their worth and know how to treat themselves. They are the ultimate shopoholics, and enjoy the finer things in life (although they are always willing to share). They like to stand out, and appreciate artistic and unique embellishments on everything from their lingerie to their home decor. Affectionate and tactile, they are one of the most sensual signs in the zodiac, bringing a slow burning intensity and comforting intimacy into the bedroom.


A creature of HAHbit, the Bull tends to hold fixed ideas and can be stubborn to accept change because they crave the stability of a routine, but for the most part this blissed out earth sign brings a sense of easygoing contentment. They enjoy spending time in nature and are masters of self care. They know the value of living slow and steady, but when they find something they're passionate about, look out, because there's no stopping this charging Bull.


HAHppy Birthday Taurus - thanks for reminding us to stop and smell the roses (or drink some rosé)!
Written By: Alison Green

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