WHAHt's Written In Your Stars: Sagittarius

Hey baby, take a walk on the wild side. Grab your passport and get ready to give into your wanderlust because Sagittarius season is upon us in full swing. The third and most adaptable fire sign of the zodiac, Sagittarians burn bright with an eternal optimism and a passionate sense of purpose. Wildly outgoing and naturally curious, they are always on the go, chasing new horizons and spontaneous adventures. An avid traveler, they thrive when taking risks and trying new things, and grow restless when they find themselves stuck in a routine.


Other signs in the zodiac are drawn to Sagittarius babes because they are unapologetic thrill seekers with an unquenchable lust for life. Spontaneous and carefree, with a playful joie de vivre that makes them fun to be around, they are the friend that is always down for an impromptu road trip or to have just one more drink and see where the night takes you. Life is just bound to be more exciting when you’re around this fire sign.


Sagittarius is symbolized by both the Centaur and the Archer. The Centaur represents Sagittarius’ desire to seek higher truth and personal fulfillment. Philosophical and open minded, Sagittarius babes lead with their head rather than their heart, searching for a flexible, fun-loving partner in crime who knows when to give them the freedom they crave. Mental and physical exploration is extremely important to this fierce and fiery sign. They need the freedom to explore both the world around them and within them.


The Archer symbolizes Sagittarius’ dedication to always keeping it real. Unfiltered and outspoken, they tend to say whatever’s on their mind, often speaking without thinking. Although their brutal honesty can sometimes get them in trouble, many appreciate that they, like the Archer, shoot straight from the hip. Plus they are gifted conversationalists who can usually talk their way out of any trouble they find themselves in. Their ruling planet, Jupiter, encourages them to live life as it comes and go with the flow, contributing to their spiritual nature and love of outdoor spaces.
 With big mouths and even bigger dreams, Sagittarius babes are independent and rarely give up. They can’t stand being doubted and will go above and beyond to prove any haters wrong. They are extremely generous and loyal friends who always see the good in people, but they protect their independence and their ability to escape by dancing around commitment until they know it’s right. Armed with a creative soul, they play by their own rules and rebel when they’re told what to do. Their thrill-seeking nature and love of adventure extend into all areas of their life. From daring sartorial choices to bold boudoir vibes, Sagittarius babes always keep it exciting and evolving.
HAHppy Birthday Sagittarius – may your next adventure be your wildest yet!

Words by Alison Green

Images by Michael Donovan, Magdalena Wosinka, and Jennifer Steinglein 


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