WHAHt's Written In Your Stars: Gemini

Let the games begin: it’s Gemini season! Charismatic, clever, and highly communicative, this twinning air sign is known to infuse the people around them with energy and creativity. The first air sign of the zodiac and thus the most restless and adaptable, Gemini is ruled by Mercury, the planet of expression and communication, which means Gemini babes tend to be delightfully gregarious and insatiably curious. They are fascinated by the world around them and constantly on the hunt for new adventures and horizons.
Ruled by the Twins, this inquisitive and expressive sign harnesses a dynamic and dualistic nature. Gemini often seem like two strong personalities rolled into one, balancing a yin and yang synergy coupled with a natural curiosity and desire to experiment in every aspect of life, from career to style to the bedroom. Their occasionally contradicting duality means that Gemini babes appreciate thoughtful and thorough communication – they know the power of a good venting session, the importance of sharing your feelings, and they are not afraid to fight for their strong opinions. Intense and spontaneous, it takes a lot to hold a Gemini’s attention, but when they find something they’re passionate about, they dive in headfirst.
Smart and engaging, with a charisma that is magnetic and a razor sharp wit, Gemini babes never apologize for being extra, embracing the unpredictability and intensity that comes with the twin territory with ease and flexibility. Eternally searching for harmony and satisfaction, they ensure that life is never boring. Gemini are the friends who inspire you to sharpen your communication skills and explore all your wide-ranging desires, as wild or weird as they may seem. Whether you’re staying up all night talking or headed out on a spontaneous weekend trip, this adventurous and resourceful sign is always up for anything.
Air signs relate more to the head than any other body part, and Gemini is no exception. Always up for an intellectual challenge, they tend to find a verbal and communication connection as important as a physical one – they are masters of witty banter, and always looking for a lover who can match their intellectual and physical energy. They love from the head before they love from the heart. Their split personality gives them the feeling that they are always searching for something or someone, which inspires them to seek out new friends, lovers, and mentors often. But when they find someone who mirrors their penchant for variety, excitement, and conversation, all obstacles seem to fade away. Restless and easily distracted Gemini lives a fast-paced life that is HAHrd to keep up with, but we guarantee it's always worth the ride!




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