welcoming WRAP STAR Dress to the fHAHmily


Who else loves a good wrap dress? I'm talking about that timeless wardrobe staple that’s at once easy, comfortable and feminine… which is also a perfect way to describe our new WRAP STAR!

The aptly named WRAP STAR is our solution to the age-old problem of a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. (Yes, even HAH’s stylist deals with this issue… the struggle IS real). But ever since this mini wrap dress entered my life, getting dressed is a whole lot easier. When I’m in a rush to get out the door, as I usually tend to be, WRAP STAR’s my new secret sartorial weapon. I can just toss her on and GO knowing I look put together, but without all the effort. And because I generally like to keep things comfy and casual, I’ll pair with trainers, sometimes adding some cute socks for good measure. Stylists tip: I love wearing with our COMIN’ IN HAHT or SPINSTER bodysuits - trust me, they make one #HAHT duo!

If you’re not an old married lady like me and/or haven’t found a good excuse to get out of your evening plans - WRAP STAR’s got you covered. Just switch out your trainers for your favorite heels and she’ll go from day to night in the time it takes to change your shoes. (You can even leave the socks ON, up to you… because when it comes to the WRAP STAR there are no rules. Except try not to dip your sleeve in your neighbor’s soup… but other than that, seriously no rules!)

Wrap Star Dress

I thought you’d be interested to know that our love affair with WRAP STAR started 3 years ago when she was just a ‘robe’ (think - unlined) and therefore quite unwearable, but equally adorable. Our team found every excuse to ‘borrow’ her - see ME in my getting ready photos pre-wedding almost 2 years ago! Then our designer had the genius idea to add some lining, a little length, and turn her into a ‘real’ dress because we knew that if we loved her this much, you probably would too. What started out as our team’s favorite robe soon morphed into our new favorite dress! And that’s how a WRAP STAR was born.

Wrap Star Dress

We’re so excited to official welcome her to the HAH family. I have a feeling she’ll be HAHnging around for a while…

Available now in showstopping BLOOD ORANGE, and coming soon in 4 new colors - so stay tuned! Bet you can’t stop at just one…

xx Jilli

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