What We're Reading: ECOrenaissance by Marci Zaroff

Here at HAH, we’re always on the hunt for new ways to streamline sustainability in our everyday lives. We firmly believe that prioritizing sustainability doesn't have to mean sacrificing style, sexiness, or your sense of self, and anything that helps us to live a life that is HAHrmonious with Mother Nature is an instant favorite. So it should come as no surprise that our current obsession is ECOrenaissance: A Lifestyle Guide for Cocreating a Stylish, Sexy, and Sustainable World by the visionary Marci Zaroff.

This inspiring and insightful book shines a light on eco-conscious leaders throughout the world who are leading by example, as well as serving up tons of relatable tips and tricks to help you embrace a sustainable lifestyle without sacrificing comfort or style. It dives into the current renaissance of “green culture,” giving you eye-opening facts and the groundbreaking resources to transform your life through supporting companies that walk the walk instead of just talking the talk, companies that aren't afraid to make cHAHnges and strides towards a better, brighter, and greener future.

If you want to make a difference by prioritizing sustainability in your closet, kitchen, and daily life but feel overwhelmed about how to start or unsure what the next step is, consider this comprehensive and uplifting book your sustainability spirit guide. Packed with wisdom from eco-entrepreneurs, green fashion designers, organic food purveyors, and innovative leaders of the eco-conscious movement, this powerful must-read opens your eyes to new ways to support and protect our planet, and opens new possibilities for you to #startsomewhere and make a positive impact. 

Visit Marci's website here & Purchase the book here

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