Sexy with a Soul: Electricity and Empowerment On Our Miami Swim Week Catwalk


catwalk moms on catwalk kids on catwalk model kids model mom hot as hell swimwear dresses maxi dressSince its creation, Hot-As-Hell has always been inspired by the rule breakers, the risk takers, the badass babes who stay true to themselves and do things their own way, following whatever sets their soul on fire, letting the flames of passion light the way. Now more than ever, the flame that burns at the core of Hot-As-Hell is the idea of empowerment: empowering women to feel strong and confident in their own skin, empowering women to feel sexy at every age, to embrace the changes and curves of their bodies and lives, empowering young girls to love themselves authentically, to pursue their dreams with guts and grit and fierce determination. We strive to make elevated yet accessible clothing that is both unique and easygoing, clothing that inspires the women who wear it to live colorfully, boldly, and fearlessly.

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Our catwalks are known for making & breaking trHAHditions, and last year’s SS18 Miami Swim Week catwalk show was no different.
There was electricity in the air that night, an exciting and magnetic rebelliousness, as diverse models of all ages and sizes strutted down the catwalk, radiating fearlessness and fierce confidence. Both backstage and on the runway, the passionate energy was intoxicating and inspiring. Decked out in curve-hugging lacy lingerie, silky-soft chiffon, and jewel-toned swimwear fit for paradise, the women who graced our catwalk show exuberantly embraced the joy of being themselves, dancing down the runway, glowing with strength and natural beauty. There was tongue in cheek playfulness and powerful self-expression and sweet moments between mothers and daughters. It was a true celebration of all of the stages of womanhood, and a reminder that empowerment and self-love are important at any & every age. It honored the badass, inspirational women who burn with passion and joie de vivre, reminding us that women are forces of nature, with strong roots that connect to Mother Earth.
miami swim week catwalk swimwear hot as hell maxi dress dresses with stripes We believe in making the world a better place for future generations by leaving a legHAHcy that is both empowering and eco-friendly, that embodies the idea of sexy with a soul and clothing with a conscience. Hot-As-Hell is more than just a brand, it’s a movement towards self-love and sustainability, a reminder that fashion can have a heart and soul and sense of humor, that sustainability doesn’t have to mean sacrificing sexiness.

No matter what size you are, no matter what age you are, no matter the curves of your body and life, Hot-As-Hell will ignite a spark inside of you, inspiring you to feel strong and sexy and free in clothing that is as conscientious and multi-faceted as you are. Designed to be simple yet make a statement, each piece is easy to wear and easy to care for, with endless options for styling so that your authentic self always shines through.

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Hot-As-Hell is the sartorial soundtrack to a life well lived…
Whether you’re on a wild adventure around the world, embarking on the journey of motherhood, or just lounging in bed with a lover who looks at you like you’re magic, Hot-As-Hell empowers you to live your best life while wearing it.

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