Hey everyone, I am Yogi, the Meatless Monday intern, here at HAH! I just wanted to take a second and introduce myself, and explain why I choose to go meatless every Monday. Around this time last year, I made the decision to go vegetarian, and let me tell you…it was not an easy transition! After watching a documentary called What the Health on Netflix I learned about the conditions that animals were kept in which included keeping a large number of animals in a small building in cages and fed an unhealthy diet. I also learned about the significant impact the meat industry has on the environment, including 14.5% of global greenhouse gases, and 29% of freshwater is used for meat production. That doesn't have to be the case tho!
I began to #startsomewhere… and I knew that even if I could cut out SOME meat, I could still make a difference. A great way to make this transition was with #meatlessmonday!

Now I'm not saying to go full vegetarian (I know giving up bacon is not in everyone's cards) but by trying to do at least one day a week without any meat is a great start! 
The health benefits are numerous, to name a few, lower risk of heart diseases, strokes, and the chances of getting diabetes, and even raises energy levels!
By eliminating meat consumption we’re not only doing good to our bodies, but to Mother Earth too. The eco benefits from going #meatless are reducing green house gases emitted, using less water, and even being more effective than driving a hybrid car!
Choosing to live a more sustainable lifestyle can seem daunting. But…we all have to start somewhere so why not here? Now if you're sitting here thinking "Yogs I would love to, but I don't really like salads!" you looked to the right place! Tune into our Instagram every Monday for #meatlessmonday recipes that are far from boring & can help you make decisions that are easy on you & Mother Earth too.



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