Kickstarters We Love: This Place Will Be Water

Let’s get one thing straight: climate change is real. It’s one of the most urgent and far-reaching issues of our time, and this summer’s scorching temperatures remind that it’s not getting any better, and we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. We get it: it’s scary to think about and hard to even comprehend the changes that global warming will cause to our environment. But we can’t turn away and we can’t pretend it’s not happening - we need to face up to climate change as individuals and as a society, taking action now so future generations won’t have to pay for it later.
That’s where This Place Will Be Water comes in. This Kickstarter campaign, created by activist Jon Leland, is a simple and striking way to make the high stakes of climate change visible in the communities that we love. Using detailed and scientifically backed projections of sea level rise, it allows you to enter cities or zip codes and immediately see the impact that global warming will have on that area with just a 2 degree Celsius increase. We were shocked to find that many of the cities that HAHve our heart, such as Miami, would be almost entirely underwater. The project brings us face to face with the catastrophic environmental consequences if we don’t urge the government to take immediate and decisive action. It's scary to witness and it forces us to confront things we don't want to think about, but it's an effective way to wake people up and make them want to get involved.

This Place Will Be Water forces us to think about global warming on a local and real level, and if you back the project like we did, you get a pack of biodegradable and compostable stickers to post in public places around your area that will eventually be permanently underwater with only a slight increase in global temperature. The stickers will stop people in their tracks and express the importance of taking global warming seriously as a threat to ourselves, our loved ones, and the cities we live in. The earth needs our help, and the best way to get people to acknowledge and care about climate change is to show them what will happen if we don’t. Knowledge is power, and the first thing we need to do to fight global warming is to understand it. Take a look at the effects of climate change on your city and support this Kickstarter here.

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