Introducing... CHAHARACTER STRIPE Print

It's safe to say here at HAH we loooove prints! From our feminine florals to our edgy stripes with Chinese characters- we utilize our digital printing technology to the best of it's ability. So we want to take the time to introduce one of our newest and #HAHTEST prints - Character Stripe in Blood Orange. This print is not only bada$$, it also translates to Hot-As-Hell in Chinese...

(Pictured Above is Sam Blacky wearing the TITSY TOP in Chaharacter Stripe)
For our curious #HAHTIES here is the breakdown translation of the Chinese characters...
Verbally as phrase:
极度= extremely
诱惑= attractive; seducible or inducible
Verbally as word:
= extremely; upmost
= degree; measure
= to tempt; to entice
= to be puzzled; to confuse


Pictured Above is HAHTIE Caroline Vreeland wearing the DIY Top & 2 TINSI Bottom in Chahracter Stripe

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