HAH Celebrates Earth Day Everyday

First established in 1970, Earth Day has taken root as a movement that sparks passion for our beautiful surroundings and empowers action for environmental preservation. Although we come together as a society once a year to acknowledge the boundless and breathtaking beauty of our planet and the importance of taking care of it, Hot as Hell celebrates Mother Earth today and everyday.

Our awe-inspiring planet gives us so much, and it's up to us to give back, and take care of it so it can continue taking care of us. There is no Planet B, and we it's imperative that we step up and #StartSomewhere towards a more sustainable future, one that is conscientious and respectful of the environment, one that preserves our precious planet for future generations. Every small change adds up to a big impact, and we're dedicated to taking it easy on the environment in every way we can, and proving that sustainability never has to mean sacrificing sexiness.

 Protecting our planet requires us to come together as a society to show up for our sacred surroundings, and we love supporting and empowering HAHmazing green organizations that are as dedicated as we are to leaving a legacy that is sustainable and eco-friendly. These include the Responsible Fashion Movement, which is dedicated to helping the fashion industry clean up its act and giving consumers the information to make more conscientious choices, Conscious Capitalism, which elevates humanity through business, inspiring companies across the globe to become more ethically-minded and environmentally conscious, and Eco-Age, which helps brands to simplify and implement sustainability throughout the fashion industry, fusing ethics and aesthetics.


We think it’s Hot-As-Hell to be conscientious. We're constantly looking for ways to minimize waste, streamline sustainability and infuse an eco-friendly mindset into both our design process and final products. We think long-term and always do things with a purpose, launching a number of sustainable initiatives that are easy on the environment, and always looking for ways we can do more. It’s not enough to just talk the talk anymore, you also need to be able to walk the walk. Here are some of the ways we have decided to #StartSomewhere in our production process: 
  • All our swimwear is made from a sustainable fabric called EFL, which stands for Extended Fabric Life, and earns its name from its superior durability and resistance to chlorine. EFL is made from biodegradable corn sugar, so it's literally good enough to eat.
  • We use eco-friendly and innovative digital printing techniques which uses 95% less water than traditional screen printing and reduces the use of harmful toxic dyes.
  • All HAH products are easy: easy to wear and easy to care for. Everything we make is machine washable and designed to survive being thrown in a suitcase or worn out dancing all night – no fuss, no pretentiousness, and most importantly, no toxic dry cleaning fumes.
  • Our easy wear & easy care collection will guarantee you more than #30wears - you'll be reaching for your HAH pieces time and time again, and your wardrobe and Mother Earth will thank you for it.
Written By: Alison Green


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