What causes you to feel guilty at the grocery store?  Okay..other than grabbing a new wine from every rack and using the salad dressing cups to sample the Whole Foods mac'n'cheese (I can't be the only one...).  For me, it's looking down at my cart at the beautiful produce I just picked out and seeing bags on bags of plastic staring back at me.  Every time I go to the grocery store or local farmers market, I look at all of the plastic that is being used, just to be thrown away after hour of use?  That's why the HAHtties are obsessed with these amazing ECOBAGS.  ECOBAGS are small, cotton, drawstring bags that are perfect for bringing on your next food shopping trip to put your produce and other bulk items in.  Not only are these bags right off the bat better for the environment, but they are made of organic cloth, can be machine washed, and are Fair Wage/Fair Labor approved.  While you're browsing, stock up on other reusable grocery bags to create a plastic-free experience all together.  Keep them in your car and forget about it until your next craving!

ecobags hot as hell haht

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